We Believe In Inspiring Imagination 

Mohawk Group’s Visual Interactive Studio (VIS) provides 2D floor perspectives, 3D room scenes, and high resolution renderings of designer’s unique flooring creations, culminating in a fully immersive virtual experience.

How central is this product to the requirements of the industry?

VIS gives designers the power to explore every facet of a project’s floor plan and perfect every aspect of a flooring specification in a fully immersive virtual experience.


Does the software program/app/tool perform a valuable function for the target user community?

VIS allows designers to physically see a complete installation in a fully immersive virtual experience before making a specification.

Are the controls and functions simple?

VIS is very intuitive and easy to use.

Does the software/app/tool assist the user in the learning experience?

VIS helps the designer understand the conceptual specification.

VIS Video